Guide for your trip to GinRum.Me

Kim Choong 03 Jul 2018

Welcome to GinRum.Me, you are about to enter a festival with the most happening brands for gin and rum in Malaysia. Meet the distributors who are passionate about their brands and industry movers who have brought in labels that we never thought would be here in Malaysia such as Nikka Gin and Gin Agricolo. See the brands here.

Tasting glass and passport

To enter the event, purchase the GinRum.Me ticket here or at the ticketing counter at the event. For each ticket, you will receive a GinRum.Me tasting glass and passport at the door. The passport entitles you to taste the exhibited gins and rums at the main hall, while the tasting glass is for you to use for tasting during the event and to take home after.

Discount at partner bars

After the event, the passport will also get you discounts at 13 participating bars in Klang Valley and one in Penang. This GinRum.Me Cocktail Trail for passport holders starts from 7 to 14 July 2018. See the list of participating bars here.

At the GinRum.Me festival

Share it!

There are more than 20 labels to taste that day and you don’t have to drink them all! Share the taster with your friend to try more. In the end, it’s about exploring the differences in all the expressions available.


The gins and rums are available for purchase by the bottle on the day at special prices from each distributor. Same goes for the tonic water, sodas and beer by the pack. Bring a bag so that you can bring home your favourite bottles.


Drinks like cocktails and beers at the festival are sold at RM25 or RM30 by coupon. Coupons can be purchased at the coupon counter in RM5, RM10 and RM15 denominations and are not refundable. Drinks are served out of the main bar and the pop-up bar manned by The Secret Mermaid from Singapore.

Stay hydrated

Water is available at every exhibitor’s station as well as throughout the event. Make sure you stay hydrated and drink water after every tasting. Water is also great for refreshing your palate before the next tasting. Even better, bring your own bottle so that you can carry it with you and top up with water whenever it’s running low.

Fill your stomach

Have a meal before coming to the event, a filled stomach gets you ready for the tasting. There is also food at the venue served by The KL Journal at Kedai Kopi Journal on the ground floor or at the festival on the first floor. Food at the festival is priced between RM5 to RM25 and sold by cash.

Other things to try

Besides gin and rum, there is also Fentimans botanical tonic and soda, beer by Beerfarm and alcoholic ice cream by The Ice Cream Bar. Monin will be serving non-alcoholic drinks at their booth for those who want a break from the boozy marathon.

Special tasting room

A small but unique selection of gins and rums for the adventurers. Talk to our spirit connoisseur in charge and taste the spirits by the dram. Priced between RM20 to RM40 by the coupon.


Free for passport holders. Find out about the workshops available here and register by emailing to Please note that registrants who don’t sign in to the workshop 15 minutes before the start may have their seats released to other guests at the organiser’s discretion.

Guest shifts

Guest bartenders will be shaking up special cocktails for the brand they represent throughout the festival. Watch out for your favourite bartenders who will be making drinks using Agricolo, Angostura, Caorunn, Citadelle, Mekhong, Plantation, Phraya, Ron Zacapa and The Botanist.

How to get there

Map to GinRum.Me

There is limited parking space in the hotel building, however, there are alternatives in the area that are within walking distance. So unload your stuff and then park in these car parks, and walk to the venue.

Open space car park

There are allocated public parking spaces as well as a paid car park right in front of the hotel.

Izumi Hotel

The hotel is right across the open space car park from the event venue. It offers a reasonable parking rate.

Don’t drive

Consider car-pooling or use our Grab code GINRUMME18 for a RM3 off each ride for 2 rides.

Dress up!

Play the part, be a sailor, pirate, mermaid, barrel... anything related to the sea voyage because they are just great for pictures! We're going to make some good memories in this great party!


#GinRumMe and #DrinkJungleBird during the event and stand a chance to win a hotel stay at The KL Journal, a bottle of gin/rum and GinRum.Me merchandise.